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Paint the Walls


It's All In The Details.

Darbo Design Build is well known as an experienced and professional Central Florida -based Construction Company. We provide clients with top of the line services that caters to their specific project needs and management requirements, and all at the most competitive rates.

When selecting Darbo Design Build for your building Maintenance needs, we provide a complete range of services so our clients have the convenience of working with a single provider for all their commercial property needs. Our services are offered at new construction or remodeling job sites and include handyman, electrical, plumbing, lighting, and waterproofing services. 

We specialize in repairing general contractor's deficiencies through testing and destructive demolition that produces the reports needed for litigation and insurance for architects, engineers and attorny's.

Overall, Darbo Design Build's skilled generalists and specialists are equipped to provide an extensive amount of repairs and alterations to your facility. 

Contact us today and find out how we can help.

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